Ending Eleven

Ending Eleven
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Independently Published
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February 22, 2023
My name is Eve Hamilton.
Everyone in Compound Eleven thinks I was killed. But they’re dead wrong…

I spent my entire life in Compound Eleven as a fighter. Surviving in an underground city filled with violence, oppression, and tyranny. We were told the world above was scorched, an immediate death sentence. I should have died never knowing the truth. Instead, when I fought Wren—a boy from the top floor, a Preme—I fell for him. And eventually learned that my reality was an insidious lie.

Escaping Compound Eleven nearly killed me and Wren. Now we’re aboveground, where the world is anything but a toxic, burning wasteland. It’s green and lush, filled with sunshine, fresh water…and hope. All of which tastes bitter when I see what it’s cost me. Because something in Wren has changed. He’s broken—along with whatever it was between us.

Now the tides of violence in Compound Eleven are rising, threatening to spill out and shatter this peaceful place with brutality, corruption, and death.

But do I stop them…or join them?

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This final book brought the house down! It was a gripping read from start to finish as Eve works to learn how to survive on the surface and to free her entire compound from tyranny. The surface and the community that Michael has created feel like paradise to Eve. She has many traumas to heal from and working in nature is just the balm she needs. However, not everything is sunshine and roses. Even in paradise, it is a sad truth that conflict and violence arise when people with multiple views and intentions come together.
As Eve finds purpose, Wren is wrestling for his life and to find his place. He is manipulated by others and jealousies divide him from Eve. The relationship drama had me on the edge of my seat to see if Eve would be swayed to love another and give up on Wren as he pushed away from her.
She sneaks into compound Eleven to learn that open rebellion is underway and she is a martyr after her supposed death. As she actively spreads the word about outside, she has decisions to make in how far she’s willing to go to set her compound free. She has inner demons to fight on the role weapons have in society.
The ending is raw, intense, and bloody. In some YA books the hero finds a trick or scheme to magically reach a resolution. This series has always taken a critical eye on the human spirit and the depths that sometimes society goes to for freedom. This book may not be suitable for younger or sensitive audiences because nothing short of overwhelming numbers in the face of superior weapons is going to get the Preme leaders to relinquish their stranglehold on those they have kept prisoner. This explosive ending was just the realistic conclusion of events that Jerri Chisholm envisioned when she began the story of this future Earth.
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