Off Edge

Off Edge
Publisher Name
Black Rose Writing
Age Range
Release Date
September 26, 2024
Do you know what it's like to win an Olympic gold, then have it stripped away? I do.

Gold is every figure skater's life dream. At fifteen, I experience the thrill of wearing the medal for a few minutes until judges accused me of being too young to be eligible. That's when I realized my father's ultimate lie could cost more than my title.

During our daring escape from Russia, I pressured my coach to tell the truth about my adoption. But the quad combination and two world titles aren't enough to keep the scandal from erasing my career and identity. Disgraced, disqualified, and devastated, I can't face a rink, fans, or daily life. My controlling dad's betrayal lights a fire to break free from his bad decisions. My best friend and a journalist who will tell my story step in to stop the downward spiral and help me uncover my past.

The story of Docia's fierce determination to discover her true identity, unerase her career, and find the passion to skate again will engage teen readers, figure skating fans, and anyone who's ever experienced betrayal from someone close.

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