Disclosure Regarding Review Books

Disclosure Regarding Review Books & Compensation

  1. Most books reviewed on the site by official YA Books Central reviewers are provided to us by the publisher or author of the work or a publicity firm working for the publisher or author.
  2. Receipt of a review copy does not guarantee a review on the YA Books Central website.
  3. Publishers, authors and publicity firms do not pay or provide any compensation beyond the book itself to YA Books Central or YA Books Central reviewers.
  4. Reader reviews submitted by site visitors are the sole property of their owners and are not connected in any way to YA Books Central’s reviews or review staff.
  5. Advertising on the website by a publisher or author does not guarantee a review of a book and is managed separately.
  6. All opinions stated by a reviewer within a review are solely their own.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this disclosure, please contact us at [email protected]