Haunt: Book One

Haunt: Book One
Publisher Name
Unearthly Stories
Age Range
Release Date
March 07, 2024
Dead doesn’t always mean gone…
Gemma LeClair has a secret…she can see and speak with the dead that haunt the world around her. Forever trapped in the places they died, the dead are lonely and dangerous, longing for attention, desperate to be seen again.

After nearly failing the ninth grade, moving in with her grandfather in Sage County is Gemma’s last chance to prove she can lead a normal life. But the dead are everywhere, and no place is more haunted than Gemma’s new high school.

When a mysterious girl with no record of dying suddenly appears in the school’s hallway, Gemma is intrigued despite the risks. Who is this nameless dead girl? Where did she come from, and what dark secrets are the people of Sage County hiding?

Gemma sets to unravel this mystery while protecting her own secret. And defend it she must, because talking to the dead and validating their existence is never enough. Eventually, they always wonder what else Gemma can do for them.

The ugly scars on Gemma’s neck are reminders that the dead can never find out.

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