Moxie's Decision (Princess Moxie)

Moxie's Decision (Princess Moxie)
Publisher Name
Strange Worlds Publishing
Age Range
Release Date
October 15, 2015
A Twisted Tale in a Camelot Gone Crazy
In a whimsical realm where knights trade swords for footballs and wizards struggle with the "Magic of the Mind," one feisty princess is about to take an unforgettable walk on Camelot's wild side.
Meet Moxie - the plucky heir to the throne whose dreams of ruling are derailed by a stubborn king and a treacherous uncle. Recognizing she's ill-prepared for the crown, Moxie sets off on a madcap series of adventures to learn the ways of the real world. But in this Camelot like none other, the real world is a satirical smorgasbord of absurdities.
From cheering cheerleaders led by a very unorthodox Guinevere, to Merlin's primitive mind-mapping, to a theater-in-the-round Stonehenge, Moxie's coming-of-age exploits take on an irresistibly comedic and unforgettable flair. 
Buckle up for a wildly entertaining fantasy tale that will have you laughing till it hurts!

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