Queen Moxie (Princess Moxie)

Queen Moxie (Princess Moxie)
Publisher Name
Strange Worlds Publishing
Age Range
Release Date
February 01, 2018
The Fairy War of Moxie the Queen
Ten years after becoming Queen of Usca in southwest Britain, Moxie's peaceful reign is shattered by a tribe of Picts migrating from the north and occupying territory near her border. Determined to control the wild Picts, Moxie decides to build a fort, unknowingly constructing it on land claimed by the forest fairies.

Outraged, Oberon, the King of the fairies, destroys the fort with magic. Tensions escalate as Moxie threatens Oberon with military might, and Oberon retaliates with magical threats. To counter Oberon's powers, Moxie requests Merlin's assistance from Camelot, demanding he use field magic spells—a type of magic he has never mastered.

Meanwhile, the Picts view Moxie's fort as a hostile act and prepare to attack preemptively. Adding to Moxie's troubles, her ten-year-old daughter, Aethelwine, refuses to be the next queen, leaving her without an heir.

Tristan, a Knight of the Round Table exiled by Arthur for insulting nobles with his songs, resides in Moxie's castle. He works on a play praising King Arthur and Camelot, hoping it will end his exile when staged at Stonehenge.

Faced with threats from fairies and Picts, Moxie decides to confront the fairies first. Merlin warns both Moxie and Oberon that their conflict will weaken them, allowing the reinforced Pict warriors to conquer them easily. Realizing the greater threat, Moxie and Oberon agree to a treaty and combine forces against the Picts.

Can they convince the Picts to back down? Will Aethelwine reconsider her decision? And is Tristan's play worthy of ending his exile?

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