The Boy With Strange Eyes

The Boy With Strange Eyes
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Cosmic Chipmunk Productions
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Release Date
December 01, 2023
The Boy With Strange Eyes was voted the #1 best story across all genres by the readers, winning the Championship for the Fall 2023 Kindle Vella Writers Tournament.
What do the readers have to say about The Boy With Strange Eyes?

A Fantastic Novel

The Boy with The Strange Eyes” by Thomas Davison captivates readers with its meticulously crafted narrative. From its evocative cover to its rich infusion of Japanese context, the book sets the stage for an immersive journey.

At the heart of the story is Kuni, a character marked by loss yet defined by resilience. Orphaned after the successive passing of his grandfather, mother, and father, Kuni’s evolution into the heroic figure of Kimyo is a testament to his inner strength. Despite enduring relentless bullying from the islanders, particularly from the antagonist Ljimekko, Kuni perseveres, driven by his ambition to become a formidable warrior.

Davison’s narrative style masterfully engages readers, seamlessly weaving Kimyo’s ideals into the fabric of the tale. Through thought-provoking questions at the end of each passage, Davison fosters a dynamic dialogue with his audience, inviting them to ponder deeper themes.

Central to the story’s allure is Kuni’s journey of growth and acceptance. As he strives to earn the respect of the islanders and pursue his warrior aspirations, Davison deftly navigates the intricacies of human relationships. Moments of kindness and camaraderie intertwine with instances of prejudice and distrust, painting a nuanced portrait of society. Kuni’s strong determination and bravery give hope to everyone in the story and to readers too.

Inspiring Story

“The Boy With Strange Eyes” takes readers on a captivating journey to a distant and enigmatic island, where the protagonist, a young orphan boy named Kuni, seeks to carve out his destiny against all odds. While not my usual genre, this book proved to be a delightful surprise, offering a timeless tale of adventure and self-discovery suitable for readers of all ages.

The narrative unfolds as Kuni ventures to the fabled eastern island, driven by a desire to transcend his humble beginnings and find his place in the world. From the moment he sets foot on the island, Kuni is met with a mixture of curiosity and skepticism due to his outsider status and his peculiar eyes, marking him as different from the islanders.

What truly shines in this tale is the journey of growth and acceptance that Kuni undergoes as he endeavors to earn the respect of the islanders and fulfill his aspirations of becoming a warrior. The author skillfully portrays the complexities of human relationships, showcasing moments of kindness and camaraderie alongside instances of prejudice and distrust.

Through it all, Kuni’s unwavering determination and courage serve as a beacon of hope, inspiring both the characters within the story and the readers themselves.

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