Unleashing Shade

Unleashing Shade
Publisher Name
Calamari Tales
Age Range
Release Date
October 22, 2023
What does it really mean to be a demon?
The school menace, Murk, has it out for Alex, but soon enough his low-level meanness turns into something far more sinister. When Alex finds a massive beat-up dog left behind by Murk and his gang in the woods, he realizes that the dog is… special. As Alex and Shade forge an unbreakable telepathic bond, their destinies become intertwined with forces beyond their understanding.

As the mysteries unfold, the demon Agathokakologos comes looking for the missing hellhound. He observes Shade and Alex from the shadows, patiently waiting for the outcome of a demonic conflict that Alex has unwittingly become a part of.

When Alex convinces Luis and Jaime about Shade’s powers and introduces them to the enigmatic Agathokakologos, Aggie reveals the world as they know it is in grave danger–and so is Shade. While Alex wrestles with the new reality that has hit him and his friends like a tsunami, he tries to figure out why he feels drawn to fix this mess.

Can high schoolers Alex, Jaime, and Luis execute a plan to defeat Murk, free Shade, save the world, and escape alive? And what is Alex hiding from them all?

Get your copy now, and brace yourself for a whirlwind of suspense, magic, and revelation!

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