The Might

The Might
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March 29, 2022
Blood magic, blackmail, and battle rock a rich world of fading magic to its core in this internationally bestselling Norwegian epic fantasy. Publishers Weekly

The intrigue, scope, and depth of His Dark Materials, set in an immersive Nordic world as fierce and unforgettable as its characters.  Rosaria Munda, author Fireborne/Flamefall - Aurelian Cycle

The world building is stupendous. MidWest Book Review

HIrka has been sent to the world of the blind, a powerful and immortal people whom she has been taught to fear since infancy--and who now see her as their only chance to reignite a thousand-year-old war. The blind will use Hirka's ability to travel between worlds to return to Ym, the land where Hirka grew up and where the blind were betrayed all those years ago. And this time, they will prevail.

Hirka is torn between her loyalties to the people who birthed her and the people who raised her, between the savior she is expected to be and the individual she wants to be. And every choice she makes pulls her further away from Rime, the love of her life, who is doing everything he can to stop Ym from falling to pieces all around him. 

A million things stand between Hirka and Rime. But only together can they stop the end of the worlds.

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Epic Conclusion to an Epic Fantasy
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The time has come for Hirka to become the best version of herself in order to truly help Rime and to become who she was meant to be. This time, she's torn between what other people are telling her to do and what her heart is saying. Hirka wants to do what's right, but how can she determine that? There's so many factors at play and she doesn't want to risk Rime in the process. But in the final trial, she must do what she has to so she and Rime can be together.

In a twist of betrayal and heartache, this book will have you hanging on each page. THE MIGHT is the third and last installment of the Raven Rings series. It's hands down the best of the three. We see all of the world-building come together along with some much needed growth from Hirka. I absolutely love the relationship between her and Rime and how sweet he is to her. He is the definition of a perfect man in love with his woman. Both of them work together to better one another and to overcome each challenge that they face. A part of me wishes I could read this series in its original language because I'm sure a few things were missed in translation.

Final Verdict: Overall, this is a great conclusion to the series and I love how everything falls into place. I love the dark elements to the story and would recommend it to fans of romance, Norse Mythology, epic fantasy, adventure, coming of age, and strong female characters.
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