The Dark Secrets of Oliveto (Book 1)

The Dark Secrets of Oliveto (Book 1)
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Independently Published
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October 18, 2022
Step into the enchanting world of Oliveto, where the veil between the ordinary and the extraordinary is thinner than you think. "The Dark Secrets of Oliveto" beckons you into a realm where paranormal intrigue meets spine-tingling suspense. Drawing inspiration from the best of "Stranger Things," "Locke & Key," and "Riverdale," this gripping tale promises an unforgettable journey through mystery, adventure, and personal growth.
In the quiet streets of Oliveto, magic thrives beneath the surface, concealed from the eyes of unsuspecting residents. But when Nico returns home from college to confront a shroud of mystery surrounding a family tragedy, accompanied by his steadfast friend Sofia, they stumble upon a world of enchantment Nico never imagined existed... or did he?

Their tranquil spring break swiftly transforms into a whirlwind of discovery as they uncover the chilling truth behind the disappearances plaguing Oliveto's fey community. Tasked by a prominent fey leader to unearth the identity of the elusive Oliveto Abductor, Nico and Sofia embark on a quest that will test their courage and unravel the secrets of Nico's own magical lineage.

As they delve deeper into the town's hidden truths, Nico and Sofia must decipher cryptic clues and confront the ghosts of Oliveto's past to thwart the sinister forces at play. But time is running out, and every revelation brings them closer to the perilous heart of darkness lurking within Oliveto's shadows.

Join Nico and Sofia on a gripping odyssey of self-discovery and supernatural intrigue as they race against time to save Oliveto from a mysterious evildoer. Will they unlock the secrets in time to safeguard their town and themselves? Dive into "The Dark Secrets of Oliveto" and prepare to be spellbound.

Tags: dark magic, light magic, mythical creatures, grimoire, fairy doors, fae, fey, witches, Italian culture, banshee, curses, garden gnomes, secrets, graveyards, shapeshifters, vampires, tarot cards, spell casting, supernatural, prophecies, fantasy, murder, magical realism, urban fantasy, paranormal mystery, ya books, young adult, new adult, college, best friends.

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