Sword of the Seven Sins

Sword of the Seven Sins
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Blue Crow Publishing
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August 03, 2020

Eva Marteinn never wanted to be a killer. Raised in the Commonwealth, where citizens live and die by the code of the Seven Sins, Eva is sickened by the barbaric punishments the High Priests inflict. She sees the Bellators of Light, the Commonwealth’s executioners, as no more than conscienceless killers. When she’s Chosen as the first female bellator—and can’t refuse, on threat of exile or disgrace—Eva is devastated. But she turns out to be inordinately gifted at the very role she abhors…no thanks to her mentor, Ari Westergaard, who alternates between ignoring her and challenging her to impossible tests. Ari’s indifference conceals a dangerous secret: He’s loved Eva since they were children. When Eva falls for Ari too, she knows they should do anything to avoid each other. Love is forbidden. Lust is a death sentence. But as mentor and apprentice, they’re bound by the blood oath they swore the day of Eva’s Choosing. Balanced on a razor’s edge of desire and betrayal, the two uncover a secret that could overturn the Commonwealth itself. Now Eva must make an impossible choice: Turn her back on Ari, and remain loyal to the only home she’s ever known—or risk everything on the slim hope of freedom, and stake her life on the boy she’s come to love.

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The story:
Ari and Eva are young members of a society based on the seven deadly sins, and they are, in fact, quite deadly. One can be executed for exhibiting any of them or humiliated. Some are exiled, but that is considered to be the worst possible punishment because of the barbarians that supposedly live beyond the limits of their world.

When Eva is chosen to become the first female member of the exclusive warrior force, she is assigned to have Ari as her mentor, a boy she already has a connection with though they’ve never spoken.
But what if everything they’ve been told is a carefully crafted lie to control them?
What if falling in love is not a sin though it might end in their deaths?

What I loved:

Pretty much everything. This book was way more than I was expecting and I am so glad I read it. Let’s start with the writing style. I am not a first person reader, but this book made me forget the point of view as I was immersed, because it flows so naturally and creates such tension that I couldn’t imagine it being any other way. It’s beautifully crafted to excite at the perfect moments while intriguing at the rest.
Moving onto the storyline, I have never read anything quite like this. It’s a wonderful story of loving someone no matter the consequences and being willing to risk your life for that person. Both of our main characters have such distinctive voices that it feels like we are truly inside their heads, feeling their turmoil and inner anguish.

And let’s talk about the handholding scene. I have never before thought handholding could be intense, but I get the feeling this author has that special ability to play my emotions like a violin, pulling and plucking at them to make beautiful music.

There isn’t a single thing about this book not to love, and I can’t wait for the next installment.

Final verdict:

A beautifully crafted story with so many intense moments I couldn’t stop reading. This is the best book I’ve read in a long time.
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