StarLion: Thieves of the Red Night

StarLion: Thieves of the Red Night
Publisher Name
Leonard Leroy Langford Jr.
Age Range
Release Date
April 05, 2021
In a world where Gods and men exist side by side, the descendants of myth and legend serve humanity as professional superheroes, combating ancient evils with their Gifts of light and soul.

After gravity-manipulating teen Jordan Harris is arrested for vigilante activity, he is given a simple deal: go to jail or go undercover at the nation's most prestigious superhero training academy-Fort Olympus. As Jordan navigates a school unlike any other he has attended, he uncovers a conspiracy that threatens not just the city of Houston, but the world. Jordan, who is used to working on his own in the dark of night, must learn about teamwork and confront his own shortcomings, which ultimately leads him from vigilante, to criminal, to hero.

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