Ruby Takes Chicago

Ruby Takes Chicago
Publisher Name
OC Publishing
Age Range
Release Date
November 15, 2023
Ruby Takes Chicago, is the sequel to Rise! A Girl's Struggle for More. It's now the 1920s, and a young Ruby Dinsmore leaves her hometown of Oilton, Oklahoma, and heads for Chicago to make her dreams come true. In the first book, Ruby, born in 1904, grows up wanting to be a businesswoman and does everything she can to make it happen. At the end of Rise!, Ruby's family realizes her dreams can only come true in a larger town where a young woman with a college education would be accepted in the workforce. Once in Chicago, Ruby is surprised to learn that, even in a big city, society as a whole is still reluctant to accept women working outside the home. Determined to stay true to herself, she takes on the challenges of life in tumultuous times of Prohibition, protests, and women's rights marches. Ruby meets like-minded women, and together they break through the barriers until Ruby lands the perfect job, all amidst discovering the joys of life and love, and heartbreak...and love again.

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