Queen's Catacombs

Queen's Catacombs
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CamCat Books
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March 14, 2023
Winning the crown was only the beginning.
Jacs, now the rightful Queen of Frea, seems to be Queen in title alone. She scrambles to learn the customs and traditions of a Realm she had only read about in books. The Council of Four have her firmly under their thumb, and their ideas for the Queendom are oppressive and outdated. Their knowledge of her mother and Master Leschi’s whereabouts is the only leverage they need to make the new Queen dance to their tune.

Jacs is determined to find those who were taken from her and do what’s right for her Queendom. But in her search for answers, Jacs uncovers a much darker truth from the Queendom’s past that will forever change its future.

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Ruling is hard to do
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What I liked:
In Queen's Catacombs, Jacs from the lower realms has won the competition to become Queen, but ruling is not as easy as it seems. The council of four is thwarting Jac at every move, her mom is missing, and she discovers that the spying crystals are still in the lower realm. This second book gives us Jacs and Connor, but we also see chapters from other characters. We also see more of this world and uncover how corrupt the queendom is.
Final Verdict:
Queen's Catacombs is a complex sequel with engaging characters, plot twists, mysteries, and romance. The concept of a lower and upper realm is intriguing and lends itself well to a vast world to explore. I am looking forward to the next book in this series.
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