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June 13, 2023

How far would you go for power?
When Hanna was eight, her older sister burst into flames—the first of her siblings to get superpowers. Eight years later and Hanna now has three other superpowered siblings, while she remains disappointingly powerless. 

Hanna’s father, Artem Super, is the scientist responsible for discovering the super gene mutation. She has been working in his lab, desperate to find a way to unlock the powers hidden in her DNA before his patience runs out. Unfortunately for Hanna, a suspected research leak is all the reason Artem needs to have his superpowered children force her out of their home. She has one shot at redemption—if she gets powers, she can come back. 

Hanna’s quest leads her to tangle with the Russian mafia and learn dark secrets about her father’s past, prompting her to question where her loyalties lie, and just how far she will go to prove herself.

Content warning: This book contains strong language and depictions of self-harm, violence, depression and unhealthy family dynamics. Please be mindful of these and other possible triggers.

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