Hunterlore (2) (Hunterland series)

Hunterlore (2) (Hunterland series)
Publisher Name
CamCat Publishing
Age Range
Release Date
September 24, 2024
Silver bullets aren’t enough to protect your heart.
For Liam Hunter, monster hunting is a way of life―a family tradition passed down for generations. But when campers are murdered in the woods, their hearts ripped from their chests, Liam finds himself facing his most terrifying adversary yet―his own mother turned monster. Her pack of werewolves will test Liam’s limits, and his connection with the girl who still has too large a claim on his heart.

Olivia Davis is determined to uncover her own place in Hunterland and hone her newfound abilities. But when Olivia has a terrifying vision, she’s faced with a much larger uncertainty: her feelings for the boy she let slip through her fingers.

Together, Olivia and Liam must survive the deadly game of cat and mouse, or else risk becoming victims in a world where the monsters are the hunters. The clock is ticking. The game is on. And the price of failure may be their humanity.

For readers who enjoy The Vampire Diaries by L. J. Smith, The Awakening by Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti, The Luminaries by Susan Denard, and the Teen Wolf and Supernatural TV series.

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