Heirs of War, Ordained by Fate

Heirs of War, Ordained by Fate
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October 13, 2013
Seventeen-year-old Zelene had never believed in magic or prophecies; until the day she was attacked by an assassin with unnatural powers. Now, her life has been thrust into a war between two worlds she knows nothing about and told that she must fight against an enemy determined to snuff out her existence—all because of some ancient prophecy that claims five girls from her bloodline will unite and end the war between the worlds.

The girls are taken back to their home world and discover the ties binding them together. Rhaya has always had an uncanny knack for reading people, but can't seem to unravel the mystery tying her to Isauria, the new friend she bonded with instantly. For years, Isauria has been dreaming of Terrena, a girl living her life on the run in a magical world ripped apart by the tragedies of war, completely unaware that she is psychically linked to the world she was born in. Zelene sees this connection as a prison rather than protection and can think of a place or two she'd like to shove the crown she supposedly inherited.

When Zelene finds out her long-lost twin Ariana has been captured by rebels, her attitude changes abruptly. She doesn't know how she can go up against an army of powerful adversaries when her own ability to manipulate the elements remains dormant within her. But time is running out and all that matters to Zelene is rescuing her sister—no matter how much destruction it causes in its wake.

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5 major characters one prophecy to save the world
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What I liked:
Five young ladies have one prophecy that says they will save the world, a world they know nothing about, with magic they know nothing about. The Heirs of War series is one I read way back when it was first published in 2014. I thoroughly enjoyed it then, and now, nine years later, I am starting the series again, and it is just as good as it was back then. We have four young ladies who have been kept on earth, so to say with no idea, they will soon be connected with a 5th and are meant to save the world that they will rule one day. I love how Mara has each character set up with her power and identity, and they each handle the issue of this sudden revolution about who they are. I found the disconnect between the daughters and the parents they left behind odd, and I think they should have been more connected as soon as the girls arrived home.
Final Verdict:
The author does a great job setting things up for a sequel as we learn more about the darker side and that a war is being battled. I find the server issue the most interesting as she has a lot of heart and determination to use her gift to find her missing sister. If you like books about found family, female characters meant to save the world, and some mystery of who is truly the good and who is the bad, pick this one up today.
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