GILM!: Everybody's Saying It

GILM!: Everybody's Saying It
Publisher Name
Electric Fern
Age Range
Release Date
February 12, 2024
New in town and navigating the complexities of Alder High (go 'Varks), Geoff Smith might be a little more comfortable with a guitar in his hands than with a conversation. His father, a professor, and collector of magical oddities, is a local goth hero, but that doesn’t exactly boost Geoff's popularity. However, his dad’s latest find, a mysterious book of spells, might be the key to winning a seemingly impossible bet with his crush, Corinne.
In a whirl of notes and lyrics, Geoff unknowingly strums a cursed tune. Suddenly, his low-key life hits a high note as the melody weaves its magical chaos throughout the school. The world becomes a stage, and the students its unknowing actors.
Caught in the spell's limelight, Geoff must face the music. With the stakes escalating, he has to navigate his feelings for Corinne, dodge the ominous shadow of a bike-rack bully, and find a way to break the spell before his final curtain call. Can Geoff turn the tables, win the girl, and restore harmony? Or will he learn the hard way that in magic, as in music, everything has its price? 

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