Before We Move On

Before We Move On
Publisher Name
Atmosphere Press
Age Range
Release Date
May 17, 2024
It’s 1998 and fourteen-year-old Jesse Newsome has been living with a guardian in upstate NY since his parents died in a tragic car crash two years earlier. Just when he’s adjusted to his new home, Jesse is involved in an ill-fated prank that ends in the death of Kiki Lewis, the girl who brought a smile back to his face. Life returns to normal for those around him, but Jesse remains haunted by Kiki’s memory, unable to let go.

Kiki doesn’t realize she’s dead until she sees herself at her own funeral. As a ghost, she struggles to communicate with her mother and searches for the key to crossing over. In her desperation, she turns to Jesse for help, sending his life into a new tailspin. Can their two disparate worlds reconnect? Together, will they uncover the secret to moving on?

Before We Move On weaves a narrative from multiple perspectives, delving into how love and friendship possess the strength to conquer grief. This heartfelt tale effortlessly draws readers in, offering a down-to-earth exploration of life after death and instilling hope in what lies beyond.

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