Rajiv's Starry Feelings

Rajiv's Starry Feelings
Co-Authors / Illustrators
  • Nanette Regan
Publisher Name
Lantana Publishing
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Release Date
October 03, 2023
"Did you know that constellations are ancient maps that help adventurers find their way?"
Rajiv has feelings for everything. He can feel confident. He can feel happy. He can feel silly. But today, he feels angry, and he doesn't know why. With the help of his father, he sets out on a journey to make sense of his feelings. It is a journey that will take him to a park, then up into the branches of a tree, and from there all the way to the stars . . .

Beautifully told and stunningly illustrated, this extraordinary story will help children everywhere explore the complex emotions we all feel but cannot always name.

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Processing Big Emotions
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Rajiv has big feelings, and he does not always understand their origin. On a particularly bad night, he is sent to his room to calm down. After, he feels guilty for his behavior. I like that his father supports him with a late-night walk, stargazing, and discussion of his feelings which leads to clarity on what upset him earlier. The illustrations are engaging and complement the story well. Not everyone can replicate Rajiv’s solution to climb a tree and stargaze but hopefully, they can take the message that it is important to experience all our emotions and to be patient when the way feels cloudy. Overall, this book positively portrays a supportive adult guiding a child through big emotions and validating all emotions even the negative hurtful ones.
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