Lionel Is Just Like Dad

Lionel Is Just Like Dad
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Gecko Press
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April 02, 2024
A warm father and son story in which an irresistible lion cub proudly tries to be just like Dad.

Lionel can do everything Dad does: Dad combs his hair. So does Lionel. Dad scratches his arm. So does Lionel. Dad sings very, very loud. So does Lionel.

But when Lionel throws all the toys in the air and they come down THUNK on Dad's head . . . Dad yells! Ow! So does Lionel! Dad takes a break and has a think. Then comes rushing back for a big hug―Dad is very, very happy, and so is Lionel!

This fun story is a discussion tool for emotional learning―over enthusiasm, mistakes, feeling upset, reconciliation, love―and a father and son relationship rarely seen in board books.

Boundary-pushing Lionel has a mischievous grin that instantly wins us over, and his tolerant father incidentally provides a great model for parenting. This small and sturdy board book is just right for toddlers' and preschoolers' hands, making it ideal to read alongside a child.

Lionel Is Just Like Dad is the third book in this pithy board book series, designed to be read as standalone stories that introduce developmental milestones with humor, mischief, and gentle guidance. The series includes Lionel Eats All By Himself and Lionel Poops.
Translated from the French edition by Daniel Hahn.

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Just Like Dad
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Lionel Is Just Like Dad is a cute board book depicting a young lion being just like his father. Lionel’s love for his dad is conveyed by trying to be just like him. The vibrant colors and the minimal text make this an easy-to-read board book for babies and toddlers. I do wish this author had used this platform to convey positive actions on the father’s part. If he knows his son is going to emulate him then is tapping his teeth and throwing things the best use of the few pages in this short book? There is a small conflict and the father gets mad and needs some time to calm down before being around Lionel again but they do end the book by hugging. This book could be used to show one technique to use when you are upset but may have done better as a peer instead of a parent figure. Overall, young readers will likely enjoy the humor in this text of the silly things Dad and Lionel do.
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