The Adventures of Penguin and Panda: Surprise!: Graphic Novel (The Adventures of Penguin and Panda, #1)

The Adventures of Penguin and Panda: Surprise!: Graphic Novel (The Adventures of Penguin and Panda, #1)
Co-Authors / Illustrators
  • Fanni Mezes
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Marble Press
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Release Date
April 30, 2024
In the tradition of Narwhal and Jelly, here is a playful and humorous graphic novel series about two besties who could not be more different from each other.
Penguin and Panda should not be friends. The very idea is absurd. Penguin likes to build things and Panda likes to nap. Panda munches bamboo and Penguin gobbles cheese puffs and jam-banana sandwiches. Penguin never powers down and Panda has a hard time powering up. There is no way their friendship would ever work. Except somehow, it does.

Penguin and Panda demonstrate kindness, understanding, and support for each other, showcasing the positive aspects of companionship. The books are infused with humor, often through Penguin’s whimsical outlook on life and Panda's more pragmatic responses.

Each book is composed form multiple short stories and STEM related fun facts. The graphic novel format makes the series accessible to a wide range of readers, including those who may be transitioning from picture books to chapter books.

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charming graphic novel
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THE ADVENTURES OF PENGUIN AND PANDA: SURPRISE! is a delightful graphic novel about friendship. The book is divided into chapters that read like short stories as Penguin and Panda spend time together. They may be quite different, but they make the best of friends.

What I loved: This is a colorful and charming graphic novel that is great for early independent readers. The book uses simple phrases and short sentences to convey sweet stories about these two friends. Short speech bubbles are clearly attributed to each character, and the pictures can help children to figure out words when they stumble. The font is exclusively uppercase which helps with clarity and quick recognition.

The images are fantastic and quite expressive. This graphic novel definitely uses the pictures to tell the story and it is easy to follow from panel to panel. The stories themselves are light, sweet, and full of silliness and charming friendship anecdotes. Penguin and Panda are supportive of each other and try to help where needed. The conflicts are small and make this a positive and happy read throughout. Backmatter includes facts about the animals and how-to drawing steps.

Final verdict: THE ADVENTURES OF PENGUIN AND PANDA: SURPRISE! is a charming graphic novel that combines colorful and expressive illustrations with simple text to delight young independent readers. Recommend for elementary school aged readers.
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