Bunnygirl: Treehouse Friends

Bunnygirl: Treehouse Friends
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Berbay Publishing
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May 21, 2024
Hello Kitty fans and admirers of all things kawaii will adore Bunnygirl’s adorable world, filled with kindness and quirk, in this picture book, illustrated in comic panels. 
James lives in the most AMAZING treehouse, but no one is allowed come inside of it. He just doesn’t feel comfortable with people. Until he meets Bunnygirl. After all, who could be intimidated by a girl dressed in a bunny costume? Naturally, Bunnygirl is determined to help James. Plus James has a few surprises of his own, in this story of friendship and empathy.

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Cute Comic about Making Friends
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When Bunnygirl sees a new treehouse, she just has to make friends with James, the kid who built it. Only thing is, James is very shy, so Bunnygirl is determined to introduce him to her friends and make him feel at home with her group.

This feel-good story about friendship and a perfect gateway to the world of children’s comics and graphic novels. The panels are easy to follow, and despite this being labeled as Issue #2, I had not problem jumping right into Bunnygirl’s neighborhood adventures.

I enjoyed the everyday feel and low stakes of the story. Bunnygirl isn’t saving the world, but her goal to make friends is still very important. Her neighborhood is pretty similar to the real world, except some of her friends are bears or live in a cool treehouse, and I liked the blend of imagination and realism.

As a comic book, the panels use dialogue bubbles whenever characters talk. This text is very simple throughout, so it can come across as abrupt and may not hold the attention of older readers. On the other hand, this makes the book accessible to younger audiences.

Bunnygirl is a story that will inspire kids to make friends and create happy memories with the people around them.
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