Red Is Not Angry, Blue Is Not Sad

Red Is Not Angry, Blue Is Not Sad
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June 04, 2024
Three friends, Bear, Deer, and Squirrel are having a picnic. They are waiting for their friend Fox to join them. When he turns up wearing his blue t-shirt, everyone assumes he’s sad.  Fox is confused – why do they think he is sad? He feels happy. Why does blue have to be associated with sadness? And why is red linked to anger? Fox wants to be free to like and wear all different colors!

After I Love My Colorful Nails and Benj’s Doll, Luis Amavisca and Alicia Acosta are back together with this fun picture which looks at emotions without attaching them to colors.

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A Funny and Entertaining book about Colors and Emotions
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In Red is Not Angry Blue is Not Sad Bear, Deer, and Squirrel are having a picnic and waiting for their friend, Fox,  to arrive. He shows up wearing a blue shirt so chaos happens because of the assumption that he must be sad. Fox explains to his friends that colors do not have to be tied to a specific emotion and can just be enjoyed. 

What I like: I enjoy the message that this book has, especially for younger kids who may receive the message that blue is for girls and pink is for boys. This book shows how frustrating it can be for someone to assume something because of what you are wearing. Fox gets frustrated because his friends try changing what he is wearing to match his mood, yet rather than ending the story with his frustration, this book explains that colors don't have to match your mood. 

I like the art style of this book and how the story takes place out in the woods. The illustrator added dimension to the pages by including different layers, colors, and textures. The pages have a lot going on but are simple enough that it doesn't distract from the story. 

Final Verdict: 

Red is Not Angry Blue is Not Sad is a book that is great to read with a younger classroom as they are learning colors and emotions. This would also make a great bedtime story as the ending leaves you laughing. 
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