The First Snow

The First Snow
Co-Authors / Illustrators
  • Radek Maly
Publisher Name
Albatros Media
Age Range
Release Date
August 27, 2024
Experience the magic of the first snow as Agnes and Stefan embark on a backyard adventure in this poetic picture book.
Step into a winter wonderland with The First Snow, a heartwarming picture book that transports readers to the enchanting world of Agnes and Stefan. Set in a cozy garden, the story unfolds as the first snowfall blankets the landscape, sparking the children's imaginations. Through beautifully poetic illustrations, young readers are invited to join Agnes and Stefan on their whimsical journey, where a snowy lawn becomes an endless plain, and a bear becomes their trusty companion. This captivating tale captures the joy and magic of a snowy day, igniting the imaginations of children and adults alike."

The First Snow is a timeless tale that celebrates the pure and boundless wonder of childhood. With its poetic prose and enchanting illustrations, it engages the senses and sparks the imagination of young readers. This book is a delightful addition to any child's library, promising cozy moments of shared reading and cherished memories. It invites families to embrace the magic of a snowy day and kindles the spirit of adventure and creativity in children. Perfect for parents and caregivers looking for a heartwarming story to share with their little ones, The First Snow captures the essence of childhood joy and the beauty of a snowy landscape.

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Stefan and Agnes' village is covered in snow and looks completely different. The two head out to have adventures in the winter weather, clad in snowsuits and mittens and armed with birdseed. They try to identify snow covered objects, make snow angels, taste the falling snow, and track animals. They even clean off the path so that there mother doesn't have to and can play with them later. Then, they enter an imaginary world, traveling on the back of a snow bear that they have created. When they return (still with the bear in their company), they feed the birds some seed, and find an abandoned green house that has become an ice palace. Inside, they discover a necklace, and take it to their mother, who says it was one that she lost when she was younger. The three head back out into the snow to enjoy the magical winter landscape.

Good Points
The illustration style is very dreamy, and rendered in soft shades of teal and peach, with a very light chalk pastel effect that makes it seem like everything on the page is as muted by the snow as it is in real life. Even the outlines are done in a darker peach, which adds to this very soft, unfocused effect. The cover has some silver on it, which makes it very appealing, and the end papers have white snowflakes on teal that would make lovely wrapping paper.

There are so many good details of what the world is like when it snows. The light seems brighter in the morning, since the sun is reflecting off the snow. The flakes taste fresh (the village looks to be far from the city!), and the air is crisp. As adults, it's too easy to be annoyed by the snow as it impedes are daily activities, but as children, it's delightful to be able to enjoy a world that is transformed.

Brush off this book, make some cocoa, cuddle under an afghan, and read The First Snow along with a flurry of other winter themed picture books like Davies' The Snowflake, Henkes Winter is Here, Shulevitz' Snow, Thompson's Mouse's First Snow, Koehler's The Little Snow Plow, and Zommer's A Thing Called Snow.
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