Cat's Seasons

Cat's Seasons
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Child's Play Intl Ltd
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February 01, 2023
Follow Cat and her kittens as they experience the different seasons, absorbing all that they bring. A charming, deceptively simple story about making the most of the world around us, and giving something back in return.

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CAT'S SEASONS is an early picture book introduction to the seasons. The story starts with the cats in summer, said to be doing summery things. They then travel into fall where they play in the leaves before heading into winter, where they play in the snow. They then travel to spring before going back to summer where a summer storm is rolling in. Luckily, at the end, the cats are all safe, seeing a big rainbow.

What I loved: This is a simple introduction to seasons with very limited text throughout. Children who love cats will love seeing the family on each page (one adult cat with many kittens). The colors of the cats shift with each season, and they appear in a rainbow of colors. The background illustrations capture the seasons and their colors well, showing trees as they cycle through and presenting the concept of the seasons as well as their order.

What left me wanting more: This book was almost too short and the writing a bit awkward. For instance, it ends on just answering a question about whether the cats are safe after the summer storm without any final wrap-up or context. This made it seem a bit unfinished. Similarly, the book talks about summery things the cats do in just those words, giving one example that felt unfinished. The other seasons and the explanations of cats during them were also brief. The writing felt too simplified and there was not much of a storyline to follow. For this reason, the book will work best for the youngest of readers who do not need a plot to enjoy checking out the photos (and will not question why the cats change colors from page to page or why the kittens don't grow over the course of a year).

Final verdict: CAT'S SEASONS is an early introduction to the seasons and their order that will appeal to children who love cats and bright colors.
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