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Tapioca Stories
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March 29, 2022
A gigantic noise makes its way around the world, knocking the stripes off a tiger, flattening mountains, and rallying all of humanity to respond. What could it be? An alien invasion? A meteor that crashed into a foghorn factory? A saxophone extremely out of tune? Where is the noise coming from? 

Both children and parents will relate to this funny tale of the boo-boo heard round the world in this English-language version of an award-winning book originally published in Portuguese. Filled with eye-catching pencil sketch, collage illustrations, Aaahh! draws readers into the mystery of the overwhelming sound―and its amusing origin.

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What is that sound?
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When a loud noise pierces the air, it can be heard in different parts of the town. But what is that horrible shriek? Where could it be coming from? Everyone is concerned with the mystery of the source of this dramatic sound. It's loud enough to knocks stripes off of tigers and is powerful enough to level mountains, yet experts can't figure out where the noise is coming from no matter what fancy gadgets they use. It's unlike anything they've heard before! If it isn't aliens, what else can it be?

AAAHHH is a nod to how dramatic children can be when something hurts them or goes wrong. It's a mystery with a bit of humor once we learn the true source of what's disturbing the atmosphere. The illustrations are a bit odd and unique but bold and pop off the page. I love how through the entire book, we have no idea what the sound is until the very end. It builds up anticipation and ends with a laugh that my daughter enjoyed.

Final Verdict: I would recommend this to children who like silly stories or even for those who like to complain. This may put things into a different perspective for them.
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