Words about Where: Let’s Learn Prepositions

Words about Where: Let’s Learn Prepositions
Co-Authors / Illustrators
  • Marie Urbankova
Publisher Name
Albatros Media
Age Range
Release Date
October 24, 2023
In this illustrated preposition book, kids will learn English spatial prepositions with visual examples and fun games to test their knowledge.
With simple explanations and lots of fun, colorful illustrations, this fully illustrated book uses visual examples to teach children how to use 8 basic prepositions of place in everyday situations:

  1. In
  2. On
  3. Under
  4. Above
  5. Next to
  6. Between
  7. Behind
  8. In front of
Having been introduced to these 8 basic prepositions of place, the child reader then remembers them and learns to use them in everyday life. Each preposition contains a visual aid showing a blue box and a red ball (or multiple balls) located somewhere in relation to (i.e., in, on, under, above, next to, between, behind, in front of) the box. Each preposition takes up a page featuring the visual aid plus a large representative image on the left and four additional examples of the use of the preposition on the right.

For example, UNDER contains 5 fun images with the following text:

  • Lucy and Eddie are playing under the umbrella.
  • The bug is under the rock.
  • The presents are under the tree.
  • The ball is under the car.
  • The whale is under the boat.
Through this simple method of repetition, children will learn to commit the prepositions to memory. But this learning process doesn’t have to be boring. In addition to the visual examples, this book also includes a little game at the end (titled: WELCOME TO OUR ROOM. CAN YOU TELL WHERE EVERYTHING IS?) to help reinforce the concepts learned.

Words about Where is ideal for children aged 3–6 who want to master English spatial prepositions – an excellent resource for kids learning English as a second language, as well as for young native speakers looking to improve their understanding of prepositions. Young readers will enjoy spotting and naming the prepositions in the pictures, and will be able to exercise their new knowledge in an exciting and engaging way. With its fun approach and helpful exercises, this book makes prepositions easy and enjoyable to learn.

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WORDS ABOUT WHERE is an engaging picture book that teaches children how to use prepositions. The author uses short sentences and pictures to show how to use eight different basic prepositions and these are In, On, Under, Above, Next to, Between, Behind, and In front of. Each picture is simply designed to reinforce the lesson and there are five different scenarios for each word. I love how at the end of the book there's a two page spread of a child’s bedroom and asks the reader “Can you tell where everything is?” It gives children the extra opportunity to use those prepositions they just learned and show they understand how to use these words.

Final Verdict: This picture book is perfect for early learners aged four and up and is a great tool for both parents and teachers to help introduce prepositions. They’re vital to the English language and this book teaches children in a simple way that’s easy for them to comprehend without getting hung up on unnecessary information. It gets straight to the point which is the perfect match for a child's attention span.
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