Time to Move South For Winter

Time to Move South For Winter
Co-Authors / Illustrators
  • Jenny Løvlie
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Nosy Crow
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October 03, 2023
A breathtaking picture book about incredible animal migrations, illustrated by the winner of the 2019 Waterstones Children’s Book Prize, Jenny Løvlie.

Over the cold, mirrored waters of the Arctic, a tiny tern sets off on the world’s longest animal migration. On her way, she passes humpback whales, caribou, Canada geese, leatherback turtles, and monarch butterflies, each on their own incredible journey south for winter. When the Arctic tern finally arrives, she must find a new home on the Antarctic shore . . . until it’s time to return to the northern skies once again.

A beautiful, lyrical, and reassuring bedtime story, perfect for young animal lovers, with a map and double-page spread of non-fiction facts at the end.

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Follow a Tern as she Flies South
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With the winter cold incoming, a tiny tern knows it's time for her to fly south for the winter. She tries to keep up with a flock of geese, but they're too fast for her and she needs time to rest her little wings. Along the way, she runs into different creatures who are also trying to find their place to hide from the cold of winter. When she thinks she can go no farther, she finds a nest of terns just like her and settles in until it's time to fly north for the summer.

TIME TO MOVE SOUTH FOR WINTER takes us on the path of migration for a little tern and it gives children insight on how far they actually have to travel. The illustrations are soft with mute colors and watercolor style. In the back of the book, there's more information on the animals the tern runs into on her journey and how they usually spend the winter. This section also teaches the reader more about migration. To me, I loved that a little tern was the main character instead of a geese. Seeing the little bird fly her heart out warms the heart just a bit more.

Final Verdict: I would recommend this to children aged four and up who enjoy reading about animals and nature. It's both heartwarming and educational as the reader cheers the little tern on.
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