The Orphaned Tiger

The Orphaned Tiger
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Tiger Tales
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October 10, 2023
Anna finds a tiny wooden tiger ornament at her grandmother's house and just knows it's special. That night, she is magically transported to a village in Russia, where a tiger cub has been spotted in the village. Is Anna brave enough to venture out alone to help the little cub?

In this magical time-travel adventure, Anna finds a small wooden tiger ornament at her grandmother's house. She just knows it's special, and that night, she sleeps with it under her pillow. Anna wakes up to find herself magically transported to a snowy Russian village. A tiger cub has been spotted nearby, sending the villagers into a panic. But Anna feels drawn to the tiger and decides to venture out on her own to find it.

In the Winter Journeys series, readers join the story characters in their exciting time travels to lands of ice and snow!

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What I liked:
The Orphaned Tiger tells the tale of a brave young child who finds out about a tiger cub wandering a city on the news. She falls asleep and ends up in Russia trying to help a baby cub tiger that mama has been killed, more than likely by poachers. Anna is a character with a lot of heart that will encourage young children that their voices can make a difference even though they are small. If Anna had failed to keep trying to tell the adults about the tiger cub, it probably would have survived. At the end of the book, the author includes information about the real Tigers that the story is based on and information on how you can help.
Final Verdict:
Taking a news story and using a chapter book about endangered animals and the bravery it can take to save them made for a captivating chapter book.
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