The Great Henna Party

The Great Henna Party
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Lantana Publishing
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March 05, 2024
If you were to name the person you loved the most, who would you choose?
Noor's cousin is getting married tomorrow, and tonight, Noor's family will hold a henna party in her honor. They'll sing traditional songs, eat delicious treats, and have their hands painted in swirling designs using a dye called henna.

Noor is especially excited to play the henna name game. The henna artist will hide the name of the person Noor loves the most in the pattern she paints on Noor's hands. But whose name will Noor choose?

As Noor encounters each member of her family, she finds it harder and harder to make her choice. What should she do if she loves them all? A heartwarming story that traces the patterns of family love through the South Asian tradition of painting with henna.

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The Great Henna Party by Humera Malik is a beautiful children's book that introduces young readers to Southern Asian culture and traditions.

The story is told from the perspective of Noor, a young girl who is watching her cousin prepare for her wedding. Noor's mother told her about the henna name game tradition. A bride has henna done for her wedding and the henna artist hides the groom's name in the henna. Noor is intrigued by this idea and wants to know if she can hide a name in the henna she gets at the henna party. Noor struggles with whose names she should hide in her henna, but in the end comes up with the perfect word.

What I Liked: I love learning about cultural traditions. The Great Henna Party weaves music, food, and culture throughout the story, but the main focus is Noor and her love for her family. The pictures in this story are vibrant and make the story come to life.

The Great Henna Party is a heartwarming story that celebrates family, culture, and the beauty of traditions. It's truly an informative read for young audiences.

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