The Four Seasons (Read & Spot)

The Four Seasons (Read & Spot)
Co-Authors / Illustrators
  • Amanda Gulliver
Publisher Name
Albatros Media
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Release Date
October 31, 2023
A little story with cute characters explaining the basics of seasons and the weather in an interactive format accompanied by a search-and-find game.
In this engaging story, young readers will learn about the four seasons and the different types of weather that accompany each one. Talia and her beloved pets – Coco the cat and Moon the dog – will take children on a journey through the year, exploring the unique characteristics of each season and how they impact the world around us. Along the way, children will discover interesting facts about the Earth and the sun and why we have seasons.

This book also includes a search-and-find game, adding an extra layer of fun and engagement to the learning experience:

Can you spot?

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This was another enjoyable interactive read, my children loved spotting their way through The Four Seasons.

The plot is based around Talia who is stuck indoors, bored, while there is a rain storm happening out her window, in the spring. Thus we begin our journey from one season to the next with her best doggie friend, Buster.
Talia's woes are very relatable for young children, also wanting to experience the bright warm sun of a summer day or flying a kite on a windy autumn day.
I like the added easy explanation of why we have seasons. It makes for a great introduction to earth sciences and climate.

The illustrations are fantastic. I love how the cut outs change the appearance/activity of what it highlights for that spread; ie.: a vase of yellow flowers on one page is a garden with the same flowers
The items to spot are the perfect blend of ease and challenge, giving slightly older kids the opportunity to interact with the story while still being perfect for young children as well.
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