Peekaboo Who?

Peekaboo Who?
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February 06, 2024
Can you guess who? Who's hiding behind bright blue feathers? Who's covering their face with yellow wings, or a bushy orange tail? Little ones will delight in lifting the flaps to find out just who is playing peekaboo in this cheerfully illustrated board book.
• Stimulates creative thinking and visual problem solving
• Encourages curiosity and attention to detail
• Helps young children learn basic colors and animals               

Peekaboo Who? is an irresistible board book that children will want to read again and again!
• Fun family read-aloud books
• Books for children aged 0 to 3
• Books for toddlers and preschool children

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I See You!
(Updated: May 06, 2024)
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This sturdy board book is a great way to start young readers on identifying animals, with a fun twist. Each two page spread starts with a clue, includes a "Peekaboo!" and then identifies the subject. A bird is covered by wings, a rabbit by ears, an octopus by tentacles, a fox by a tail, elephant by a trunk, a bear by his paws, an alligator by his tail, and even a butterfly by his wings, making this a rather chunky short book.

Good Points
The artwork is very brightly colored, and the illustrations simple in a way that is similar to the sensory pictures that are used to stimulate babies' brain development. The fold down flaps are well constructed, although I would take bets on the octopus' five tentacles being the first to rip.

I am enthralled that the French version of this is entitled Qui Se Cache? (What is hidden?) and now want to investigate what phrase is used in other languages for this fun game for infants and toddlers.

Can't get enough peekaboo themed books? If you pile up all of the Peekaboo You books by Reid and Arrhenius, Boynton's Peekaboo Rex, DK's Pop Up Peekaboo books, and this book, you can just peek out from behind the books!
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