Isabella Castaspella

Isabella Castaspella
Co-Authors / Illustrators
  • Baruch Inbar
Publisher Name
Sitaram Press LLC
Age Range
Release Date
August 10, 2022
ISABELLA CASTASPELLA tells the story of Izzy's struggles with Lavinia LaMeanie, a nasty witch who is always trying to make life miserable for Izzy and her friends. It has ten chapters, all in verse, with black-and-white illustrations, suited for ages 5-9 (K-3rd grade).

Each of Izzy's group of wonderful diverse friends expresses a particular aspect or behavior of childhood. Messy Tessy has trouble finding her crystal ball because she doesn't pick up after herself; MoonTune doubts his ability as a musician; Daizy Dew is an artist who tends to be both highly intuitive and "scatter-brained"; Angel Cruz, the soccer champ, has trouble reading. Each is accepted as is and treated with kindness.

Then there are the animals: Myron, a super-smart frog, becomes Izzy's pet; Maxine is a very purr-fect cat with healing abilities; and Messy Tessy's pet Bruno, the lovable, drooling, ever-hungry bulldog, runs into trouble with mean old Lavinia LaMeanie.

And let's not forget Witchie the Wise; even magical little witches need a mentor.

Join Izzy and her friends as they use the magic of kindness, imagination, and love in their battle against the mean bully, Lavinia LaMeanie.

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