Every Bunny is a Yoga Bunny

Every Bunny is a Yoga Bunny
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  • Deborah Allwright
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Nosy Crow
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February 06, 2024
When Grandpa teaches Yo-Yo, Roly, and Flo how to do yoga, there’s one little bunny who finds it very hard. Yo-Yo just can’t stop fidgeting, wiggling, and giggling! But when Yo-Yo finds herself lost in the forest, she remembers Grandpa’s yoga shapes.

And as she crouches down like a frog, stretches up tall like a tree, and stands still like a mountain, her worries slowly begin to disappear, as she finds her way home . . .

Simple step-by-step instructions (written with consultation from a yoga instructor) at the end show children how to stretch, feel calm, and be a yoga bunny too.

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Make like a tree... and breathe
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YoYo is an exuberant young bunny who has trouble settling down. Even at bedtime, she has a lot of trouble not wiggling and giggling. Her Grandpa has a good idea; he will teach YoYo and other little bunnies how to do yoga. YoYo tries, but the grass tickles her bottom, she rolls around too much when doing bridge pose, and jumps around when trying to be a calm mountain. When the group is doing tree pose, YoYo spots a butterfly and is soon running off to chase it. She gets lost deep in the woods, and is scared and anxious. She tries some of the poses that Grandpa taught her, and breathes in and out. This calms her down, and she is able to remember her way home. After all of the exercise of getting home, she is able to join the other bunnies who are sitting and breathing. Even though she still has some trouble calming herself down, she now has new tools to regulate her behavior and to help her get to sleep at night. The end of the book gives directions for six traditional beginner yoga poses.

Good Points
Young readers will understand YoYo's inability to sit still, and will probably want to act out her wiggles and giggles along with the yoga poses. I love that her grandfather is the one teaching her this discipline; it would have been all too easy to default to a woman instructor. I also really enjoyed seeing how YoYo used her new found skills in a situation when she was particularly anxious, and seeing how they were able to focus her and help her.

Allwright's illustrations are quite fun, and the woods and burrows where the bunnies sleep are delightful. When YoYo gets lost in the woods, the palette changes to a gray brown background of trees that is a big change.

This would be a great book to use while teaching yoga to young children, or for a mindfulness library story time. Other books on the topic include Carle's Calm with The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Thompson's Deep Breaths, Nance's Puppy Mind, and my favorite, Gravel's quirky Puppy in My Head.
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