Dogs Are Great BUT (It's Great to Have a Pet, 1)

Dogs Are Great BUT (It's Great to Have a Pet, 1)
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  • Adam Wolf
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Albatros Media
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April 09, 2024
Featuring funny illustrations and real-life situations, this guide introduces kids to the pros and cons of dog care via an enjoyable and engaging learning experience.
This delightful primer immerses young readers in the ins and outs of dog ownership, introducing them to the joys and responsibilities that come with it. By exploring relatable situations and imparting valuable lessons by way of amusing illustrations, this book navigates potential challenges, highlighting how the sheer delight of having a pet dog can help children overcome obstacles.

Dogs are Great BUT is tailored for children ages 6–9, offering parents and educators an invaluable tool to instill responsibility and empathy in kids, all while ensuring that a lot of fun is had along the way. With charming illustrations and relatable situations, it's an educational resource and a heartwarming adventure all rolled into one, promising to leave a lasting impression on young hearts. This book is not just a purchase; it's an investment in a child's love for animals and their personal growth, encouraging them to embrace the world of dogs with open arms and compassionate hearts, all while having a blast.

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Realistic Look at Dog Ownership
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Children want to have dogs, but they don't know how much work they can be. This helpful book takes a realistic look at all of the different chores and problems that a pet can create, but offers constructive information.

A little boy wants a dog, so to prove to his parents that he can take care of one, he takes his imaginary dog for a walk every morning for half an hour! Once his parents agree to let him get a dog, it's not all smooth sailing. His dog is somewhat destructive, so he has to learn to keep his pet busy and engaged. Dogs have to be trained to go outside to relieve themselves, and there are helpful hints on how to train the dog to do this. Basic commands, dog hygiene and grooming, and even dog fashion are covered. Some basics about dog health are highlighted, and there is a nice two page spread about foods that dogs can and can't eat. I can see making a photocopy of the "can't" foods and posting it on the refrigerator right after a new dog arrives in the house! The other fun appendix addresses canine communication, so that children can learn to read dogs' body language.
Good Points
The tone of this is very well measured. Yes, dogs are cute, and fun to have around, but they are also a lot of work. The book doesn't dissuade young readers, but rather prepares them for the reality of taking care of a dog. Somehow, the pages on wiping off muddy paws when a dog comes in from a walk in the rain seem particularly pertinent, and echo the sentiment in Judith Viorst's fantastic poem "Mother Doesn't Want a Dog", which is something to the effect that when you come home late at night and there is ice and snow, you have to go back out because the dumb dog has to go. Not that I have memorized that work of literature or anything!

The illustrations bring home many of the points very vividly; yes, your dog might get VERY muddy when it does outside, and may, in fact, chew up your sister's doll. The pictures are amusing but also realistic, and are particularly helpful when showing games that you can play with your pet (like encouraging the idea of object permanence by hiding an object under a blanket), and demonstrating how to walk with your dog on a leash.

This is a fantastic book to have for elementary readers who really want to adopt a dog, and is a great companion to Sekaninova and Wolf's Cats Are Great BUT. Another picture book that is helpful is What to Know Before You Get Your Dog by Strohmaier and Gadotti, and for somewhat older readers, Miles' Guide to Puppies has great information on dog care, including information about dealing with the death of a pet.
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