The Adventures of the Flash Gang Episode Two

The Adventures of the Flash Gang Episode Two
Publisher Name
Fitzroy Books
Age Range
Release Date
March 05, 2024
WHERE IS THE FLASH GANG? Pittsburgh's most notorious thieves haven't struck for a year, not since a devastating fire resulted in the supposed death of two streeters. Pearl and Lewis - along with their pals, Duck and Mac - are alive and well, just in hiding. But now, their hideout is crumbling under the relentless rain. It's been a winter of bitter winds and slim pickings, and their friendship is starting to fray. To make matters worse, streeters are disappearing. Are they skipping town or is something more nefarious afoot? When one of their own vanishes, the gang goes all out to unravel the mystery, which once again point to enemy #1: the steel tycoon who had Lewis's father killed. But Pittsburgh is flooding and the tycoon's plans are in motion. If they want to save their friends, they're running out of time.

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