Mirror of Wolves (The Arcanium Book 2)

Mirror of Wolves (The Arcanium Book 2)
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Inky Cove
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May 05, 2023
Two children forged by fire, of Arcania but raised apart. Which one is the true prophesied savior of the worlds?
Plagued by nightmares after his encounter with the evil Emperor Blackthorn and tormented by the revelations about his mother’s death, Ty has become obsessed with his magical training. When he learns of a mystical object with the power to show him whether he really is the one destined to end the dark sorcerer’s reign, he is determined to track it down—no matter the cost.

But when his quest takes a shocking turn, will Ty still find the answers he needs, or will his relentless hunt for the truth jeopardize everything?

Perfect for fans of Nevermoor, Harry Potter, and Keeper of the Lost Cities!

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Fulfilling a prophecy to save two worlds
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What worked:
A prophecy describes the one who will defeat the evil sorcerer Gideon but it could be talking about Ty or Ayslenne. They’re both children of Arcania who were raised in the non-magical world. Many people believe Ty is the savior since his magic defeated Gideon in the first book but Ty wants to know for sure. He decides to leave the protective spells of his mentor to find a mythical relic that can reveal his destiny. This creates a dangerous, exciting conflict to drive the plot since Gideon has ordered his Black Guard to kill Ty. Will Ty’s desperation to understand the prophecy make him blind to the dangers that await?
Malachi is the leader of Gideon’s Guard and he’s been ordered to kill Ty. Malachi is wary of his boss’s wrath so he strategically avoids the sorcerer during his tantrums. However, Malachi allowed Ty to escape in the first book and Gideon won’t tolerate another failure. The author hints that Malachi has secret plans of his own so readers will need to question his motives. Is he loyal to Gideon or is he plotting to overthrow him? Malachi is a malevolent character but his anger and undisclosed plot make him unpredictable and interesting to read about.
Arcania is a world of magic and the author inserts a myriad of perils at every turn. Malachi and Gideon are obvious threats that remain present throughout the story. Rivers hide swarms of small, octopus-like creatures and wolves present the final obstacle before Ty reaches his destination. Dragons and trolls are possibilities as well as giant plants can quickly devour victims by drowning them in poisonous, digestive juices. Gideon has created a flying army by transforming young children into black crows so readers will know peril is near whenever one of the birds appears in the sky. Ty and his friends also encounter natural dangers in the form of waterfalls, winds, and mountains. These dangers create suspenseful adventures as Ty nears his goal.
What didn’t work as well:
The story is told from different points of view and most of the chapters follow Ty. Other chapters focus on Gideon, Malachi, Ty’s grandfather, the parents of Ty and Ayslenne, and other characters. The changes in settings, especially later in the plot, can become a distraction from Ty’s quest, kind of like watching commercials when you’re watching a favorite show.
The final verdict:
I recommend you read River of Crows before this one to fully understand what’s already happened with Ty’s character. The quest to find the magic mirror creates a good deal of tension and anticipation although astute readers will notice there’s still room for doubt regarding the prophecy. Overall, this is a fun series to read and I recommend you give it a shot.
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