Eedoo: Book II: Invaders From Blore

Eedoo: Book II: Invaders From Blore
Publisher Name
Larson Publications
Age Range
Release Date
June 07, 2019
As this second Eedoo adventure begins, Sharoo is a national hero: grateful for her fame, fortune, favor with the royal family, her family's splendid new home near the castle, the new school with nicer teachers and stylish new green uniforms, and much more. She's even teaching a popular meditation class.

But her papa is drinking too much, starting early in the day. And Eedoo (the timeless inner presence that guides her) warns of “a surprise in the sky” . . . more dangerous than anything before.

Her friend Milli saw a glowing red saucer hovering high above Plash (her exotic planet in a parallel universe), appearing and disappearing (“blinking”) mysteriously.

First a lizard suddenly vanishes as she's tickling it. Then a dolphin cloud disappears. Then a cow and three prize scruffbirds. Then she and Milli notice that some people are acting very strangely.

Eedoo eventually helps Sharoo unlock the mystery, and teaches her about Mindmake―how our minds create what we see. With that knowledge and some tools from the powerful witch Zaura, Sharoo hopes to outwit the hideous shape-shifting invaders from Blore.

This time it's not only her home country of Broan that's at stake, but the whole planet of Plash!

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