The Word Dancer

The Word Dancer
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April 18, 2023
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The Word Dancer
At a banquet for the royal court of Wisland, Wynnfrith, a 12-year old orphan whose father was advisor to King Goodliwink, sits silently mourning his recent death. Now, in the care of the wicked new advisor, Lord Ugsome, Wynnfrith perks up her ears when she hears King Goodliwink announce the arrival of the Word Dancer. The Word Dancer is a mysterious young who communicates by dance. Each time his dance is completed, he conjures up a single but significant word.  The recipient of  the word needs to use both head and heart to interpret its true meaning.
When he appears before the court, the Word Dancer performs a wild dance then presents the king with one cryptic word of warning. But no sooner is this word given than King Goodliwink is overthrown in a coup by Lord Ugsome. In the terrifying mayhem, Wynnfrith grabs the five-year old crown prince and escapes with him. Wynnfrith has little confidence in herself and is ashamed of her fearfulness.  She is a young girl fighting not only for her life but that of the child who is set to be the next king. If she fails, the entire country will live and die under the tyranny of Ugsome’s evil power. 
On her flight, Wynnfrith uses her wits to survive against all odds. At times, she encounters The Word Dancer who, through a variety of secret methods, provides a word as guidance. She must be decipher the hidden meaning of the word then rally her courage to carry out the task before her—to save the crown prince. 
Through the trials she faces, Wynnfrith matures and gradually sheds her self-doubts to become a true heroine. Will Wynnfrith’s growing courage allow her to succeed in what appears to be an impossible feat: overthrow the evil Ugsome army and restore King Goodliwink to the throne? If she does, she will gain not only a new confidence, but a new family.
With fresh dialogue and original verse, this suspenseful tale is laced with humor, wit and wordplay for The Word Dancer is, at heart, a celebration of the power and beauty of words.

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