Mythical Monsters of Greenland: A Survival Guide

Mythical Monsters of Greenland: A Survival Guide
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  • Coco Apunnguaq Lynge
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Inhabit Media
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June 04, 2024
What should you do if you encounter a Qivittoq? Can you outrun the fabled Ikusik? And what is a Tupilak made of?
About 4500 years ago, the first Inuit landed in Greenland via North America, bringing with them stories about the mythical beings that lived alongside them. These creatures and monsters have survived the ravages of time and tide, although they have sometimes had to re-invent themselves to fit the modern world.

This handy pocket guide will help guide you through the do’s and don'ts should you encounter any of these creatures in the Arctic wilderness.

Happy hunting!

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Mythical Monsters of Greenland: A Survival Guide provides information on creatures and elements from Greenlandic Inuit lore and mythology, in 15 main entries and six "honorable mentions." Unfortunately, this information is just what the stories tell us of their locations, habits and how to out-run them, not the stories themselves.

The table of contents has the Survival Guide broken up into six main categories, so if one creature fascinates you more than another, you can flip right to it, plus an intro from the author.
There is an Innuit glossary found in the backmatter, which is helpful when it comes to pronunciation.
Also located in the backmatter, is a color map of Greenland with all mentioned locations and cities.

Full page color images accompany each monster, along with contour drawings of relevant items and locations along the text. The art is stylistic with bold lines and eye-catching color, with imagery that realistic but also maintains a surreal and supernatural feel.

I would recommend this book to older kids and adult who like folklore, Native American and Inuit mythology, and encyclopedias/guides about monsters.
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