Lili Gray and the World's Most Embarrassing Superpower

Lili Gray and the World's Most Embarrassing Superpower
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March 22, 2024
The plot thickens with a twisty mystery—Lili's dad has vanished into thin air! Is he just pulling the world's longest coffee break, or is something more sinister afoot? Lili's on the case, and she's got her eyes on her stepmom, who Lili suspects is the supervillain behind it all—though she might be more misunderstood than truly wicked.

But this isn't just a tale about Lili and her hush-hush hilarity. It's sprinkled with a squad of quirky characters: a crafty uncle who's got his eye on the prize (a.k.a. Lili's special power), and a best buddy who's the brain to Lili's impulsive—well, let's just say she's the muscle of the operation.

Together, they'll navigate a maze of laughs, life lessons, and the occasional laser beam of awkwardness. "Lili Gray" is a salute to the power of friendship, the ties that tangle in family, and the discovery that sometimes the things we're most nervous to show the world are the ones that make us shine. Perfect for anyone who's ever felt a little out of place, this story is a heartwarming reminder that true greatness comes in all sorts of surprising packages.

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A humorous origin story
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What worked:
This book is sure to interest many elementary readers due to its juvenile humor. Lili’s superpower happens to be her powerful farts that can launch her high into the air. The opening chapters describe the moment she first discovers her ability during an awkward show-and-tell incident. She doesn’t fully understand what’s happened until her best friend shows her a picture of the hole in her classroom chair. Lili realizes she’s seen this type of hole before in her deceased mother’s journal.
Lili’s relationship with her stepmom may resonate with young readers who are experiencing the same family situation. Lili can’t believe Bella’s kindness is real and assumes she must have ulterior motives. Lili can’t adapt to the changes in her family structure and there’s now a baby on the way. Bella just wants to be a loving parent to Lili so she’s patient and understanding even when Lili doesn’t deserve it. The plot itself is silly but it still points out some of the complexities of new stepparents.
The story is obviously intended to be funny with farting being a major component. It’s one of those things that everybody goes through but it’s embarrassing when it happens in public. Lili must deal with this every time she uses her superpower. Her best friend Ale is a genius but he doesn’t pick up on social cues. This can lead to amusing comments and interactions with Lili and others. Men find Bella very attractive so it’s comical to see how silly men act around her. The author manages to include the old kids’ rhyme about “Beans, beans…” that will bring smiles to young readers and adults remembering their childhoods.
What didn’t work as well:
The story’s climax is a bit over the top as Lili and another character face off in a farting showdown. Young readers will probably find it uproariously hilarious while others will think it’s disgusting. However, if you’ve read enough of the book to reach the climax then it shouldn’t bother you too much.
The final verdict:
This book tells the funny origin story of a young superhero, for those readers who aren’t bothered by the topic of flatulence. Lili’s emotional concerns with her stepmother offer a connection for many young readers. Overall, this book will enjoyed by those with a matching sense of humor.
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