SiP (The SiP Saga)

SiP (The SiP Saga)
Publisher Name
Mr Gentlemen Productions
Age Range
Release Date
June 06, 2024
Planet Earth is turned into a juice box!

When an enormous red and white striped drinking straw appears in the Atlantic Ocean and sucks up his dad’s naval battleship, twelve-year-old Jim Moss is left with no choice but to face his fear of water and search for his father.
Teaming up with his wacky inventor uncle, a bunch of fishermen (who think they’re pirates), and a group of bizarre alien castaways, Jim’s incredible journey takes him from a sleepy village in Portsmouth, England across the Atlantic and into the very edge of space.

If that wasn’t enough, the President of the United States is trying to stop everyone from blowing the straw to pieces, while the Earth could well be doomed if Jim can’t convince the mysterious presence in orbit that the world is worth saving.
SiP by Marius Trevelean. The last straw for Planet Earth.

SiP is a science fiction mystery adventure for tween girls and boys thirsty for new and exciting books to read. Suitable for middle school kids ages 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 and even parents, teachers, grown-ups with a sense of humor, your Gran, and anyone who loves adventure stories, science fiction, and funny books! All content is good clean fun, and age-appropriate for school grades 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th.

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