Ace Adler and the Pendulum of Doom

Ace Adler and the Pendulum of Doom
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Bluebullseye Press
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March 29, 2024
Twelve-year-old Ace Adler is counting down the minutes until the end of the school year. It’s just a little shocking when he counts them more than once. Ace learns that being a time traveler is useful when it comes to redoing class projects and stopping birthday cakes from getting destroyed. But it’s way less fun when an inventor from the 1600’s shows up to tell him that the giant pendulum clock which controls all time is broken.

And Ace is the only one who can fix it.

With the help of his best friend Alexis—and maybe his dad, if he can stop talking about the dreaded upcoming camping trip—Ace unravels clues to fix the clock and prevent time from stopping forever.

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Time to save the universe
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What worked:
The author allows readers to become accustomed to Ace’s time travel by having him go back minutes in time early on. His needs begin simple enough as Ace needs to finish two questions on his math test and he forgets something on his shopping list at the store. Readers will wonder how Ace transports himself but the incidents are insignificant enough that there’s no urgency to know. He’s doing things any reader might do on a normal day but how does he gain the ability and why now? More information is revealed as the plot moves along but the author still leaves room for readers to wonder.
Ace sees a man wearing a white suit zoom past during his initial quick jaunts into the past. The lack of information about the man and his brief appearance immediately generates curiosity and anticipation. Is he a friend or a foe and how does he know Ace’s real name is Horace? Once they finally meet, the man shares some life-changing information that will force Ace to reevaluate the world and the people in his life. This character also introduces the problem with the giant pendulum clock that becomes the basis for the plot’s conflict.
The topic of time travel always creates interesting possibilities so it’s fun to see how authors handle them. The big issue usually involves characters going back and doing something to alter future events. This book doesn’t really address that until it nears the end. For the most part, Ace is able to relive moments in his life without any collateral effects. This book introduces three planes of existence: the past, the present, and an in-between world between them called the Slip.
What didn’t work as well:
The main conflict isn’t introduced until the midway point of the plot and it’s not a very long book. This doesn’t leave much room to develop the story and build up to a climax. The author accomplishes the feat but the book actually sets the stage for a sequel. A longer book would allow more time to develop the action, with complications
The final verdict:
This book offers a creative take on time travel along with Ace’s life without a mother. The pace of the book picks up during the second half and concludes with additional questions for a sequel. I can recommend you give this book a shot.
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