Lost in Taiwan

Lost in Taiwan
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May 23, 2023
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The last thing he’s interested in is exploring new countries or experiencing anything that might be described as “cultural enrichment.” But like it or not, he’s stuck with his brother, Theo, for two weeks in Taiwan, a place that—while fascinating to Theo—holds no interest to Paul at all.

While on a short trip to a local electronics store, Paul becomes hopelessly lost in Taiwan’s twisting, narrow streets, and he has no choice but to explore this new environment in his quest to find his way back to Theo’s apartment.

In an unfamiliar place with no friends—and no GPS!—there’s no telling what adventures he could happen upon. And who knows? Maybe it turns out he has friends in Taiwan, after all.

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Lost in Taiwan
(Updated: June 04, 2023)
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What worked: Engaging coming-of-age story of a reluctant teen who finds the beauty of Taiwan after he's accidentally locked outside his brother's apartment. Paul hates being in Taiwan and refuses to go outside the apartment. He's sully around his older brother and refuses to step outside. He only uses his phone, texting someone. Only after he loses his phone and becomes lost does he encounter someone who opens his eyes to Taiwan.

I really loved this graphic novel which is colorful and action-packed as readers follow Paul and Peijing through Taiwan.

I'm a huge fan of graphic novels. The illustrations are captivating in their portrayal of Taiwan. Paul's new friend Peijing has him experience the food, culture, and corrects his stereotypes of the country. Paul widens his perceptions of a country outside of his own.

I loved the illustrations of the quiet countryside moments. Plus, I enjoyed seeing the interaction Paul has with Pejing and her family. One funny moment is when Paul does take a bite of fried squid legs and finds they are tasty!

Highly engaging coming-of-age graphic novel story where a teen learns to look outside his own culture to embrace the richness of another one.
Good Points
1. Colorful images of Taiwan
2. Engaging coming of age story
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