Dunes of Water

A look-alike corpse. 
A black ship. 
An ocean of water to conquer. 
When a mysterious man arrives with a body that looks exactly like Norah and demands she return with him, Norah is forced to go with Agriad Zul and his people. To ensure her cooperation, Agriad also brings Zadock, Norah’s beloved.
Agriad embraces Norah and announces that his daughter has been returned to him. Norah is shocked; her true potah died over three years ago. 
Even worse—without Norah’s Sustaining gift, which allows her to make things grow in the desert, her people will starve. 
Arriving in a world that’s the mirror opposite of her own, Norah discovers that her abduction is about more than a father wanting his daughter back. 
Norah and Zadock must trust each other above all else and, once again, Norah must learn what she is willing to sacrifice to save her people. 

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