A Suffragist's Guide To The Antarctic

A Suffragist's Guide To The Antarctic
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February 13, 2024
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November 1914.

Clara Ketterling-Dunbar is one of twenty-eight crew members of The Resolute—a ship meant for an Antarctic expedition now marooned on an ice floe one hundred miles from the shore of the continent. An eighteen-year-old American, Clara has told the crew she’s twenty-one years old and Canadian. Since the war broke out, sentiment toward Americans has not been the most favorable, and Clara will be underestimated enough simply for being a woman without also giving away just how young she is. Two members of the crew know her nationality, but no one knows the truth of her activities in England before The Resolute set sail.

She and her suffragist sisters in the Women’s Social & Political Union were waging war of a different kind in London. They taught Clara to fight. And now, even marooned on the ice, she won’t stop fighting for women’s rights…or for survival. In the wilderness of Antarctica, Clara is determined to demonstrate what a woman is truly capable of—if the crew will let her.

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A Suffragist's Guide To The Antarctic
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It's November 1914. Eighteen-year-old Clara Ketterling-Dunbar has fought alongside her suffragette sisters, but nothing prepares her for exploring the Antarctic. Told in journal format, Clara describes her journey as the only woman crew member of The Resolute. Her experiences in the suffragette movement taught her to fight, but will they be enough to help her survive after the ship is stranded on ice.

What worked: Intriguing premise of a teen leaving behind the suffragist movement in 1914 in London to sign up on an exploration ship to the Antarctic. There she encounters many things which include being stranded on ice; food shortages; animosity from crew members; and harassment. It's also the story of her pushing herself to prove she's capable of doing much.

This story is told in journal format. Readers learn what is involved in an exploration of Antarctica. There are some friendships she makes. Some mock her for being part of a male crew. Through all of this, Clara shows her internal strength and courage.

The story goes back to the time Clara was part of the suffragist movement and her memories of her life with her mother. Those times when women couldn't vote and had no rights were shown. It overlaps her time on The Resolute and the Patriarchy she's up against.

Warning there are scenes of animal cruelty and also an abuse scene. I understand this is more of a survival story, but still, the animal scenes were very intense.

Courageous portrayal of an eighteen-year-old who fights to prove herself while on exploration to the Antarctic.
Good Points
1. Intriguing premise of a teen leaving behind the suffragist movement in 1914 to sign up on an exploration to the Antarctic and ends up fighting against the patriarchy
2. abuse scene and animal cruelty
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