Finally Fitz

Finally Fitz
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April 23, 2024
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A bisexual teen girl tries to make her ex jealous by faking an Instagram romance that leads to surprisingly real feelings in this hijinks-filled rom-com perfect for fans of To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before and She Gets the Girl.

Ava “Fitz” Fitzgerald has worked hard to create the picture-perfect life she’s always wanted. She spent her junior year transforming her passion for sustainable fashion and upcycling into a viral online platform, maintaining a 4.0 GPA, and spending every free second with her soon-to-graduate girlfriend, Danica. And this summer she plans to take it all to the next level by attending a prestigious summer fashion program in New York City and convincing Dani that they can survive a year of long distance.

But when Dani dumps her before classes even start, accusing Fitz of being more invested in growing her online persona than deepening their relationship, she’s left not only heartbroken, but also creatively blocked.

Fitz will do anything to win Dani back, even if that means taking a break from the platform that she’s worked so hard to build. But just as she decides to go all-in on a hiatus, a chance encounter reunites her with Levi Berkowitz, her childhood best friend that she hasn’t seen since elementary school. Levi is struggling with heartbreak of his own, and this cosmic coincidence sparks a new use for her social media savvy. Fitz offers to help Levi craft a fake relationship online to make his person jealous…if in return he can pretend to be her boyfriend in front of Dani to make her jealous. If all goes according to plan, by the end of the summer they’ll both be reunited with their perfect partners and get to rekindle their friendship in the process.

Sometimes even the most carefully designed plans can come apart at the seams, though. And when real history leads to not-so-fake feelings, Fitz will have to decide if she’s finally willing to let go of what she thought was picture-perfect and choose what might actually be right for her.

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FINALLY FITZ is a charming YA contemporary about finding yourself and complicated relationships. Ava Fitzgerald (Fitz) is spending the summer in NYC with her girlfriend while participating in a prestigious program for aspiring fashion designers. She has a pretty good following on instagram, and she showcases her finds along with thrifting and DIY tips there. At the end of the first week, Fitz is ready to tell her girlfriend that she loves her - only to meet a fan at dinner and then find herself being dumped instead.

Unsure where to head, but unwilling to head back to the shared living space they have, Fitz goes to visit one of her older sisters who lives in the city. Fitz's sisters are much older than her, and as such, she has always felt left out of their group. Adding to that her distant parents, and Fitz has spend a lot of time feeling alone. Now, dumped in a new city, her loneliness echoes.

When she runs into her childhood BFF, Levi on the subway, Fitz is not sure if her summer will take a turn. However, when she sees an opportunity to maybe get her ex back with jealousy, she proposes a fake relationship so they can both make their exes wish they had them back. The plan set in motion, Fitz now has to figure out her fashion designs - but finding her own style is as difficult as the relationships in her life.

What I loved: This was such an engaging read about finding yourself, complicated relationships (family, friends, and romantic), and forging your own path. While Fitz is set adrift at the beginning of the summer due to her breakup and the crashing of her plans, she will end up finding her own way through with the help of friends new and old. While she came to the city in part for her girlfriend, the program she is participating in has the chance to be life-changing. Except that Fitz's style is catered to instagram and she is not sure who she - or the fashion she wants to make - is.

Thus comes a summer of self-discovery through interactions and finding her way. While the fake dating was quite cute, it was really the personal epiphanies that Fitz has along the way that make the story. The romance is a major theme, but only as far as it helps her to discover her own identity and who she wants to be. Her relationships with her sisters are another piece Fitz will begin to navigate. She has felt like she was in the shadows for so long - but maybe this is a chance for change.

Fitz really grows during this summer, and while she may not be perfect, she learns to begin embracing the imperfections. Another theme is around mental illness. While Fitz is not diagnosed, it seems that she may have some element of anxiety. Importantly, she begins to realize that this is something for which she needs help and begins to understand her own limitations. Other characters also tell their own stories related to mental health, and it creates a positive message for therapy and healing.

Levi was sweet and overall really great for Fitz. While things may not go perfectly, their friendship remains an important element to the story. Through experiences and discussions, Fitz has many of her epiphanies through their deeper discussions and activities. The fake dating was a fun element that fell away quickly (even if they would not admit it). While the ending for them was not perfect, like other things in Fitz's life, there is power in the imperfections.

Final verdict: FINALLY FITZ is a sweet YA contemporary with a coming-of-age story that weaves together a story of romance, connection, and art.
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