The Boyfriend Wish

The Boyfriend Wish
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February 13, 2024
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A charming romantic comedy about a South Indian American teen girl who makes a wish upon a flower for her perfect boyfriend…and then a new boy moves in right next door. With love triangles, prank wars, and a sizzling sweet romance—this is perfect for fans of Sandhya Menon and Jenny Han.
There’s only one item left on Deepa Josyula's high school bucket list: finding the perfect boyfriend. But when her meticulously planned Homecoming proposal crashes and burns thanks to Vik Mehta—both neighbor and long-term nemesis ever since he started their neighborhood prank war—she’s not sure how she’s going to finish the list. To make things even worse, she’s stuck working with Vik on a Student Council committee. So when her grandmother gifts her a jasmine flower and tells her to make a wish, Deepa doesn’t see the harm. She wishes for her dream boyfriend, just like she had imagined when she was younger. The next morning a new neighbor moves into their cul-de-sac, and Rohit D’Souza crosses off everything on her ideal boyfriend wish list down to a tee: thoughtful, handsome, and romantic as hell.

She can hardly believe it. But according to her grandmother, the wish is only the beginning. To earn it, to complete it, the wish must be sealed with a kiss. But Rohit is quickly becoming the most popular new guy both in school and in her friend group, and Deepa hasn’t kissed a boy since freshman year. The more Deepa plans the perfect kiss with Rohit, the less sure she is of what her heart truly wants. Is it the perfect boy brought by magic—or the uncertainty of the boy who’s always been next door?

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“The Boyfriend Wish” by Swati Teerdhala tells the story of high school student Deepa and her friends and family. Deepa’s life revolves around school and her friends. She lives on a cul-de-sac with her closest pals, and she finds that life is going pretty well. That is, until a problem occurs when she tries to wish for the perfect boyfriend, and then is surprised when her wish seemingly comes true! Little does she know that the perfect guy may have been closer than she could have ever admitted. While Rohit seems perfect when he moves into the cul-de-sac and takes an interest in her, she finds herself continually pulled toward Vikram, her next-door neighbor and arch nemesis in the prank war that the kids on the cul-de-sac play against each other. Vik’s personality infuriates her, but it also keeps her on her toes, and despite her ever-growing annoyance with him, she finds that being around Vik isn’t quite as bad as she expected after not having been friends with him on a closer basis for several years. Yet, Rohit has it all, but the connection isn’t quite as deep. He doesn’t “get” her the way Vik does, and while she desperately tries to make her wish to have Rohit be her boyfriend pan out, she finds herself stuck in a conundrum—is that really what she wants?

Swati Teerdhala has crafted an engrossing, romantic, thoroughly enjoyable story about young love, crushes, and the worries that come along with it all.
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Swati Teerdhala has crafted an engrossing, romantic, thoroughly enjoyable story about young love, crushes, and the worries that come along with it all.
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