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Atlantis has been a source of fascination for me since I was a little girl. The mysterious people who had technology far more advanced than they should have and then their disappearance proved to be one of the more exciting mysteries of the ancient world. Gregory Mone captures that fascination in his newest book Atlantis: The Accidental Invasion.

Here we meet Kaya, an Atlantian who has spent her life underwater, dreaming of what life is like on land and for the Sun People above. Her government, however, insists the Sun People are a myth and employ Erasers to eradicate the legends for good. Determined to learn the truth, Kaya sets out for the surface.

Lewis lives above the water with his scientist father. Wanting to spend more time with him, Lewis sneaks onto his father's research trip. What he discovers though is far more than he ever expected.

I loved the dual POV in this book, seeing the world from someone who lives in it and from someone with fresh eyes is intriguing. The pace of the plot flowed quickly, and I found myself finishing this one in one sitting, though I've since gone back and started reading it with my ten year old. Even he enjoys it, asking for "just one more chapter" at the close of each one.

Final Thoughts: Atlantis: The Accidental Invasion blends science facts with fiction creating an exciting new adventure in the mythical world that will keep kids (and adults alike) coming back for more.
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